18 Months/1,000 Hours/PDX Turn

Portland Airport
Portland Airport

My how times flies…

I’ve been flying the Airbus for 18-months now and this week passed the 1,000 hour mark as an Airbus captain. This doesn’t count the prior 23-years of experience I have as a captain on both the B737 and the B757. But, to me, that is yesterday and the Airbus is today! 🙂

PDX Airport
PDX Airport

It was raining on and off in PDX but otherwise, a nice day. BTW, if you’re ever hanging out at the PDX airport, check out Gustav’s restaurant in the C concourse. Great food!

I flew a PDX turn last week – basically, fly to Portland, have lunch, turn around and fly back to PHX. On the return flight, I had an old friend (another Airbus captain) ride in my jumpseat as we were completely full with 150 passengers on the A320. He commutes to PHX from PDX. We had a great time catching up on the 27 years we’ve known each other.

Flight to PHX
Flight to PHX

We both flew the B737 years ago and agree, the Airbus is a really nice airplane!


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