A320neo Program Starts First Major Component Assembly

Courtesy of Airbus
Courtesy of Airbus

Today, Airbus said it has begun assembling the first major airframe component for the A320neo (new engine option). According to Airbus, the A320neo is scheduled to make its first flight in the fall of 2014.

Some cool information about the A320neo:

  • The availability of two new jet engine choices – CFM International’s LEAP-1A & the P&W PurePower PW1100G-JM
  • Airbus’ large Sharklets wing tip devices
  • A 15% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Two tons of additional payload
  • An increase in range of about 500nm
  • Lower operating costs, along with reductions in engine noise and emissions

Did you know that, according to Airbus, the A320neo is one of the fastest-selling product lines ever, with more than 2,100 firm orders through May 2013 for some 40 customers – maintaining a 60% market share compared to its direct competitor.


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