A Nice Afternoon Flight Home

Courtesy - Airlines.net
Courtesy – Airlines.net

This weekend’s Milwaukee – Phoenix flight.

Fortunately, there was a strong high-pressure system located in the upper Midwest, which provided us with a very nice tailwind in cruise flight for a majority of the time. The downside to the high-pressure system, it was rather bumpy at higher cruising altitudes so we remained at a lower cruise altitude for most of the flight. As a result of the tailwinds, we arrived PHX almost 30-minutes early! Yaaay!

MKEA beautiful afternoon in Milwaukee while boarding the Airbus A319.

Chasing the sunChasing the sun westbound over Kansas, which provided us with a beautiful 2-1/2 hour sunset!

The First Officer (copilot) and I were chatting re the very typical Boeing vs. Airbus debate during our Milwaukee trip. We both are ex Boeing pilots with a combined 50+ years flying Boeing jets.

He and I agreed, we love the Airbus product! Between the two of us: we’ve B727, B737 & B757 time including, the Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico, all over the USA, up and down the east coast, Canada & Hawaii. We flew the baby Bus (A319) home with six empty seats.

Southern RockiesThe gorgeous southern Rockies a bit south of Colorado Springs. A nice short approach into PHX, just past sunset, and we were done for the night!


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