Any WWII Aficionados?

For those of you living in the greater Phoenix area who are aviation and WWII buffs, you should certainly check this event out at Mesa’s Falcon Field Airport.

Wouldn’t it be fun to fly inside one of these beauties and experience what it may have been like during WWII? The Commemorative Air Force operates air tours on board vintage aircraft flown during WWII including a B-25.

Courtesy –
Courtesy –

The North American B-25 Mitchell (a twin-engine bomber operated by the Allied Air Forces), known as the most versatile and heavily armed airplane, was used for high & low-level bombing and completed the raid over Tokyo in 1942.

Almost 10,000 B-25 aircraft were produced from 1939 – 1945. The B-25 was a twin-tail, mid-wing land monoplane utilizing two 1,700HP Wright Cyclone engines.

For additional information about the Commemorative Air Force event, please click here.

Here is a well written article highlighting the experience! Please click here.


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