American Airlines

Today is an exciting day for American Airlines and the merger with US Airways!

The FAA recognizes that they can legally operate as one airline under a single operating certificate (SOC). 


Thanks to the combined efforts of all the employees, and especially the 700 who worked on the 18-month-long SOC process, today, American completes another step in eliminating the US Airways brand, the result of the 2013 merger. 



What does this mean? Well, most of American and US Airways’ flight, maintenance and dispatch procedures will be the same as of today.

As an example, both American and US Airways Airbus pilots now utilize the exact same checklist for normal and non-normal operations. Below is a photo of our normal procedures checklist for the Airbus A320 series fleet.


And yes, the US Airways FAA Cactus call sign disappears today. From an FAA Air Traffic Controller’s (ATC) perspective, they’re now the same airline.


For additional information please click here for more specific details on the process and on American and Cactus



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