Another One in the Books

ASCI 309 Aerodynamics

It’s very hard to believe but another semester of Aerodynamics has ended! Always amazing how fast the nine-week term goes.

Many thanks to Aindrea, Caleb, Jaewon and Sam!

Again, another exceptional group of students!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with my four students, learned something new from each of them and wish them great success in their lives and careers going forward!


3 thoughts on “Another One in the Books”

  1. Awesome! I work for Worldwide in Daytona Beach as an Instructional Designer! I didn’t create your course because I do not work on the Aerospace courses but I know the people who do! So glad you enjoyed your semester!

    1. Hi Alyssa!

      Thanks for following my blog!

      Yes, it’s a great system (LMS) ERAU uses and they provide a lot of wonderful content for my students. I continue to be impressed and mention this to my students throughout the term.

      It certainly makes my job easier and I can then add value by bringing my experiences and perspectives to the class. I believe, hope, it all helps.



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