All in a Day’s Work

This morning I was scheduled to fly from Phoenix to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and back to Phoenix.

In cool pilot lingo, this is known as a “Dallas turn.” In other words, fly somewhere (Dallas) and ‘turn’ around and fly back (Phoenix).


Overall, an easy day for a pilot. To make things even simpler, both scheduled flights had the same flight number. Yay …



We were assigned gate C39 this morning at the DFW airport.

DFW Terminal C

We had a scheduled 90-minute break between flights in DFW so the three flight attendants and I set off for one of the four Starbucks located within Terminal C for our morning coffee fix.


I had a Texas-sized Coffee Caffè Misto, freshly brewed coffee with steamed milk, a fave! Mmm…


On our return flight home, we had a beautiful view of Tucson as we started our initial descent to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

We flew the Airbus A320 to DFW with only three empty passenger seats. Our return flight to PHX, also an A320, was 100% full!

That was it, done for the day. Overall, not a bad day’s work.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Anchorage, Alaska. To me, thats one of the beauties of flying the Airbus A320 series of jets, a change of scenery.





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