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American Airlines Boeing and Airbus jets


This is a great picture taken by a pilot while taxiing to Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

A nice mix of the old and new when thinking about today’s American Airlines.

The Boeing 737 and Airbus A319 and A320 jets are parked in the East Hold Bay while waiting for their respective gates to open up.


America West – The Can Do Airline

I spent more than 18 years flying both the Boeing 737 and the 757 for America West Airlines (AWA). As such, I can certainly agree with the sentiment expressed in this AZ Republic article regarding the airline.

Courtesy AP
Courtesy AP

I started working for America West in January 1987 as a B737 First Officer. Two years later I upgraded to captain. I now currently fly the Airbus A319/320/321. Like many other employees at AWA, I thoroughly enjoyed working for the airline and always felt like I was part of a close-knit family. We always had that can-do spirit.

B1Now we’re all a proud part of the new American Airlines, with more than 100,000 employees flying around the globe, yet the original AWA crew will always remember where we started.

O'Hare Airport
O’Hare Airport

In my 18+ years with AWA, I’ve flown from Boston to Mexico City to Kauai, worked with a lot of great people and look forward to working with American.


Airline Food is Now .. Mmm Good!

You never thought it would happen, but your dreams have come true. The days of sodium filled, overcooked chicken and rolls hard enough to put a dent in the emergency exit are coming to an end.

American Airlines is now introducing an upgraded inflight menu that’ll knock you out of coach into first class! Beginning July 1st, your appetite will arrive at its destination satisfied.

Here is more information on American’s new Inflight Menu.

Photo courtesy of airwaysnews.com

Bon appetit! Safe travels.

Cessna Caravan

Cessna recently marked the 30th anniversary of the Caravan, a single-engine, turbine-powered utility aircraft.

The prototype Caravan first flew in December 1982 with the FAA certifying the aircraft in October 1984. Cessna has produced almost 2,500 Caravans since it was first delivered in February 1985.

The aircraft has logged more than 13 million flight hours in 100 countries and Cessna currently manufacturers four versions of the aircraft for various uses by operators.

Cessna Caravan - Courtesy Cessna Aircraft
Cessna Caravan – Courtesy Cessna Aircraft

The Caravan typically seats nine passengers with a single pilot at the controls. It can, however, seat up to 14 passengers. The aircraft is also used for cargo operations with such companies as FedEx, which operates more than 200 Caravans.

For additional information on the Cessna Caravan, please click on this link.

Cessna Caravan - Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company
Cessna Caravan – Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company

Ironically, I’ve never flown the Caravan yet, I’ve spent many hours flying the venerable Cessna 206 and 207 models.

To date, the 206 is my favorite single-engine aircraft. I flew that aircraft, and the 207, as a scheduled freight pilot, charter pilot, on scenic tours of the Grand Canyon and on agricultural summer contracts within the state of Maine. I also had the pleasure of ferrying the 206, loaded with aircraft mechanics and parts, back and forth between Maine and Arizona for two summers.

Cessna 206 - Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company
Cessna 206 – Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cessna 206, please click here.

All these memories came back to me during a recent visit to the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport last month. I watched a Caravan land and taxi to a parking spot on the ramp right next to a Cessna 207. I hadn’t realized how much larger an aircraft the Caravan is when compared to the 207. In my day, the 207 was a large airplane.

PHX Deer Valley Airport Cessna 207 and Caravan
PHX Deer Valley Airport
Cessna 207 and Caravan

Today, I’m privileged to fly the Airbus A320 series jet across the USA. What used to take me 20+ hours over three-days in a Cessna 206 (Arizona – Maine), I now do in 4+ flying hours (Phoenix – Boston) in the Airbus A320!

Spokane is Tuesday 

Enroute to Spokane this morning although not much to see from cruise flight. 

Lunch time, green chile chicken enchiladas. Mmmm..

During the walk back to the hotel, in light sprinkles, you pass the beautiful Spokane Convention Center.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! 

Hola BOI!

One of my friends, who works at the Boise airport, happened to snap this photo of me landing an Airbus A319 on Boise’s runway 10L earlier this week.

What a great photo and thanks to him for taking the shot!

A319 arriving in BOI
A319 arriving in BOI

I later shared the picture with my copilot, who mentioned he has never had any picture of him flying the Airbus!

Cool, huh?!