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Another One in the Books

ASCI 309 Aerodynamics

It’s very hard to believe but another semester of Aerodynamics has ended! Always amazing how fast the nine-week term goes.

Many thanks to Aindrea, Caleb, Jaewon and Sam!

Again, another exceptional group of students!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with my four students, learned something new from each of them and wish them great success in their lives and careers going forward!


Aerodynamics in October

I teach another aerodynamics class for Embry-Riddle Worldwide tomorrow night, 5-8:20pm, through mid December (nine-week semesters).

I teach at the university’s new Phoenix–Mesa campus, which is located at the Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport.

ERAU Worldwide Classroom
ERAU Worldwide Classroom

The university has redesigned the undergraduate curriculum increasing the pre-req courses for many of the 300 & 400 level courses, including mine. Therefore, I’ve only four students in my class as many have yet to transition to the new curriculum. Many professors are experiencing similar small class sizes during this time.

ERAU Phoenix–Mesa campus
ERAU Phoenix–Mesa campus

Embry-Riddle recently moved to a beautiful, brand new building last month equipped with five classrooms, a student lounge, kitchen, break room and administration offices. It is a slightly larger floor plan than the previous location in Chandler including an additional classroom.

ERAU Worldwide  Phoenix-Mesa campus
ERAU Worldwide
Phoenix-Mesa campus
ERAU Classroom
ERAU Classroom
My classroom
My classroom

I met with my boss this morning to go over some last minute details for tomorrow’s class. I teased her saying I should hold my class in the student lounge (they have large very comfy overstuffed leather chairs!) since I’ve such a small group of students.

ER Banner

ERAU Worldwide Classroom
ERAU Worldwide Classroom

It All Began in a Beechcraft C99

I cut my teeth in this Beechcraft C99, in the mid ’80s, flying around New Mexico.

Mesa Air Beechcraft C99 parked at ABQ
Mesa Air Beechcraft C99

Flying the C99 from ABQ to Roswell is essentially the same thing as flying an Airbus A321 from PHX to Denver. The only difference is better food and air-conditioning!

A lot of times while flying the Airbus, I think back to my New Mexico flying days and how this job is simply flying an airplane from A to B. However, I miss the awesome green chili chicken soup at the beautiful Albuquerque airport.

Albuquerque International Sunport - Courtesy ABQ Airport
Albuquerque International Sunport – Courtesy ABQ Airport

Cessna Caravan

Cessna recently marked the 30th anniversary of the Caravan, a single-engine, turbine-powered utility aircraft.

The prototype Caravan first flew in December 1982 with the FAA certifying the aircraft in October 1984. Cessna has produced almost 2,500 Caravans since it was first delivered in February 1985.

The aircraft has logged more than 13 million flight hours in 100 countries and Cessna currently manufacturers four versions of the aircraft for various uses by operators.

Cessna Caravan - Courtesy Cessna Aircraft
Cessna Caravan – Courtesy Cessna Aircraft

The Caravan typically seats nine passengers with a single pilot at the controls. It can, however, seat up to 14 passengers. The aircraft is also used for cargo operations with such companies as FedEx, which operates more than 200 Caravans.

For additional information on the Cessna Caravan, please click on this link.

Cessna Caravan - Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company
Cessna Caravan – Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company

Ironically, I’ve never flown the Caravan yet, I’ve spent many hours flying the venerable Cessna 206 and 207 models.

To date, the 206 is my favorite single-engine aircraft. I flew that aircraft, and the 207, as a scheduled freight pilot, charter pilot, on scenic tours of the Grand Canyon and on agricultural summer contracts within the state of Maine. I also had the pleasure of ferrying the 206, loaded with aircraft mechanics and parts, back and forth between Maine and Arizona for two summers.

Cessna 206 - Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company
Cessna 206 – Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Company

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cessna 206, please click here.

All these memories came back to me during a recent visit to the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport last month. I watched a Caravan land and taxi to a parking spot on the ramp right next to a Cessna 207. I hadn’t realized how much larger an aircraft the Caravan is when compared to the 207. In my day, the 207 was a large airplane.

PHX Deer Valley Airport Cessna 207 and Caravan
PHX Deer Valley Airport
Cessna 207 and Caravan

Today, I’m privileged to fly the Airbus A320 series jet across the USA. What used to take me 20+ hours over three-days in a Cessna 206 (Arizona – Maine), I now do in 4+ flying hours (Phoenix – Boston) in the Airbus A320!

Aviation Explorer Scouts

I was invited to be a guest speaker yesterday at the aviation explorer scouts Private Pilot ground school session located at Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and meeting some of the students in the class was a joy.

Aviation Explorer Scouts
Aviation Explorer Scouts

In the picture above, a student is offered the opportunity to speak to his class about cross-country flight planning.

After introducing myself to the class, I spoke about pre-flight planning and airport taxiway and runway markings.

Aviation Explorer Scouts Instructor
Aviation Explorer Scouts Instructor

The instructor of the class is a long time, very close friend of mine and a Delta A330 First Officer base out of Seattle.

First Flight of Airbus A320neo

Here is a cool video of the first flight of the Airbus A320neo from Toulouse, France.

A320neoA320neo 2According to Airbus, the A320neo, new engine option, is the world’s best-selling single-aisle aircraft and offers unbeatable efficiency and comfort.

Among the enhancements on the A320neo: two jet engine options (P&W’s PurePower PW1100G-JM & the CFM International LEAP-1A), the Sharklets wingtip devices and additional passenger cabin improvements.

Aerodynamic & aircraft performance improvements include:

  • 20% fuel savings per seat vs. current engine option (CEO) Airbus A320 jets
  • 4,000lbs more payload
  • 500NM in additional range
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reductions in engine noise and emissions

For additional information please visit the Airbus website.

American Airlines is scheduled to receive 100+ orders for the Airbus A320neo series jets.
Check out the Airbus A320neo video here.

Class Time Again…

A2It’s that time again, another new academic term starts this week.

A3Between the two Worldwide campuses, I’ve 17 students in my Aerodynamics class. Nine students in my Chandler campus and eight in my satellite campus in Riverside, CA.


A1Our first class was last night and we’re off and running!

Hey, the university provided free food last night! All the pizza one could eat! Mmmm…