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Embry-Riddle Graduates in the Real World

It’s always great to catch up with Embry-Riddle alums and see where we’ve landed in the aviation/airline world.

This past week I flew a three-day trip with a Daytona Beach graduate. We had a great time reminiscing and comparing notes about our Riddle days. I spent three years on campus in Prescott before transferring to what is now known as the WorldWide campus.

Left to right, Rich and Pete in the American Airlines Airbus A320 flight deck in San Jose.

We had a regional airline pilot in our jumpseat during the three days who also was a Daytona Beach Riddle student.

Later on, I had one of my Prescott classmates and his wife on board our A320 seated in the passenger cabin. He walked into the flight deck during boarding and we had fun remembering the old days on campus. Scott is a United captain who often flies the LA to Tokyo route.

It occurred to me that we all represent different Embry–Riddle campuses: Daytona Beach, Prescott and WorldWide.

Courtesy Embry-Riddle
Courtesy Embry-Riddle

AA/US Merger Officially Cleared

20131127-172939.jpgJudge Lane officially cleared the American Airlines & US Airways merger and American’s exit from bankruptcy yesterday morning.

I was scheduled to fly PHX to Orlando shortly after the news became public. The FO and I found it ironic to taxi for takeoff, from PHX’s runway 07L, right behind one of AA’s B737-800 jets!

For more information on the news, please click on the link.

18 Months/1,000 Hours/PDX Turn

Portland Airport
Portland Airport

My how times flies…

I’ve been flying the Airbus for 18-months now and this week passed the 1,000 hour mark as an Airbus captain. This doesn’t count the prior 23-years of experience I have as a captain on both the B737 and the B757. But, to me, that is yesterday and the Airbus is today! 🙂

PDX Airport
PDX Airport

It was raining on and off in PDX but otherwise, a nice day. BTW, if you’re ever hanging out at the PDX airport, check out Gustav’s restaurant in the C concourse. Great food!

I flew a PDX turn last week – basically, fly to Portland, have lunch, turn around and fly back to PHX. On the return flight, I had an old friend (another Airbus captain) ride in my jumpseat as we were completely full with 150 passengers on the A320. He commutes to PHX from PDX. We had a great time catching up on the 27 years we’ve known each other.

Flight to PHX
Flight to PHX

We both flew the B737 years ago and agree, the Airbus is a really nice airplane!

A320neo Program Starts First Major Component Assembly

Courtesy of Airbus
Courtesy of Airbus

Today, Airbus said it has begun assembling the first major airframe component for the A320neo (new engine option). According to Airbus, the A320neo is scheduled to make its first flight in the fall of 2014.

Some cool information about the A320neo:

  • The availability of two new jet engine choices – CFM International’s LEAP-1A & the P&W PurePower PW1100G-JM
  • Airbus’ large Sharklets wing tip devices
  • A 15% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Two tons of additional payload
  • An increase in range of about 500nm
  • Lower operating costs, along with reductions in engine noise and emissions

Did you know that, according to Airbus, the A320neo is one of the fastest-selling product lines ever, with more than 2,100 firm orders through May 2013 for some 40 customers – maintaining a 60% market share compared to its direct competitor.

A Trilingial Flightdeck


I flew a Newark-Phoenix flight this past week. We were a completely full flight, with 150 passengers, and an Airbus captain riding in my jumpseat. He was returning to PHX from a visit with friends in the New York area.

At some point during the first hour of our flight, it occurred to the three of us that English was not our native language.

My FO was born in India and raised in Germany. Hence, German was her native language. The jumseater was born in Japan and therefore, Japanese was his native language. I was born in the US, raised in Latin America and Spanish was my first language.

Pretty cool stuff! .. Interesting, huh?

ERAU Grads and the New FAA 1,500 Hour Regulations

Courtesy of Embry-Riddle
Courtesy of Embry-Riddle

According to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, graduates with 1,000 hours can acquire a restricted ATP certificate earlier than normal with the university’s full-motion simulation training.

A new rule recently announced by the FAA increases pilot qualification requirements for FO’s who fly for US passenger & cargo airlines, but includes allowances for reduced hours for pilots holding Bachelor’s degrees from ERAU’s residential campuses.
For more information please visit their site http://tinyurl.com/ky6l8ss


Courtesy of ThinkGlobalFlight.org
Courtesy of ThinkGlobalFlight.org

Here is a great organization promoting education and aviation.

Their mission is to promote the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education and the many opportunities in aviation and aerospace industries worldwide.

They’re embarking on an international in-flight effort that will cultivate and promote a greater awareness and interest in STEM in classrooms by way of an around-the-world adventure taking off in April 2014.

Please visit their site at: http://www.thinkglobalflight.org