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Aerodynamics and EagleVision

It’s that time again, another aerodynamics class starts next week.

This time, however, I’m teaching the EagleVision Classroom (a virtual classroom that combines Web video conferencing and an LMS system) version of the course. EagleVision Classroom includes scheduled online time and real-time interaction with my students and me.

I’m scheduled to have 13 students across three separate campuses, Phoenix-Mesa, Riverside, California and Seattle.

I’ve spent this afternoon updating the course syllabus, weekly modules, term dates and the like in preparation for next week’s class and look forward to another fun semester!

My last step is to contact my guest speakers and I’m good to go!



Aerodynamics .. Rap Style

I challenged my students to create a 30-second rap video for extra credit.

The theme was what aerodynamics means to the student. This was mostly for my own entertainment to see if anyone would jump on it. To my surprise and delight – one of my students did.

Here is her interpretation of what the class meant to her: